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1. All attendees are encouraged to enter this free event.

2. Please, pre-register your dolls by email or mail, no later than 7 August 2024.
Registration form is included in the convention packet.

3. Accessories should be kept to a minimum. No entry should take up a space
larger than 20” X 20” square.

4. As we can not guarantee the availability of electrical outlets or computer/WIFI
access, please, do not include the use of lights, sound, motion, animation, or
computer control in your entry.

5. Entrants will provide their own stands.

6. Dolls must be entered and removed from the exhibit area at the times
specified on the convention schedule.

7. Owner will sign in with the room monitor. All accessory pieces not attached to
the doll must be noted on the registration form.

8. Entries will be judged by the MDCC Board Members on creativity and
interpretation of theme.

9. Ribbons will be given to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners.

10. A Peoples Choice Award will be determined by votes from convention attendees. Voting will be held during the competition event.

11. Before removing the doll from the exhibit, the owner must “check out” with the room monitor. All entries will be verified with the registration form. Dolls can only be released to the owner.


Preregistering helps us to know what space we might need overall, but IF YOU FORGET TO PRE-REGISTER, DO NOT MISS OUT, WE CAN ACCEPT ENTRIES ON SITE.


Susan Fowler

MDCC 2024 "All Jazzed Up!"



Travel DollTime to travel to New Orleans, home of Mardi Gras.
Will your travel doll come to NOLA to be a Mardi Gras Queen, Jester, or King Rex?


Tiny Dolls: Does Your Tiny Doll Have a Pet?

Competition 2023 bought us "just a girl and her chickens."

What pets will your tiny doll bring to the competition 2024?


Laissez le bon temps rouler

Do you have a special doll that just never seems to fit into the categories offered? Well, let the good times roll - let us see that doll.


All Jazzed Up

Time to show off an outfit you have made for your doll so that she is "all jazzed up". This category will be divided into professional and non-professional entries.
a. Professional
b. Non-professional


"There is no better friend than a sister."

Stella tells me sisters are important to dolls also. Enter your doll with one, two (twins maybe), three or more sisters.


New Doll Sculpts or New Doll Artists.

Have you "found" a new sculpt by your favorite artist or perhaps a new artist. Share you find!
We love hearing about new dolls.


There is something special about Wednesday -

Wednesday Addams that is.

Have you fallen for the woeful waif? Be sure to
enter your Wednesday or she may cast a spell on you.


Let's Visit NOLA's Supernatural Side: A Nod to

Vodoo Queen Marie Laveau.

How do you do Voodoo?
a. Single doll entry
b. Multi doll entry

Please email completed form to:
Or mail to:
Susan Fowler, 1147 High Street, Leavenworth, KS 66048

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