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About MDCC

Who Are We

We are your neighbor, your internet buddy, that new emerging doll artist and the company whose dolls you have loved since childhood.  Modern Doll Collectors are folks just like you who enjoy and appreciate modern dolls, both as an art form and as an opportunity to play!  Owned by Modern Doll Inc. and governed by a Board of Directors whose officers have been active in the doll community for many years, Modern Doll Collectors Convention® does not require formal membership or annual dues and is open to all.

Where We Meet

We have no regional chapters or local meetings.  Instead, we meet once a year at the Modern Doll Collectors Convention® to renew friendships and enjoy workshops, seminars, competitions, an excellent salesroom filled with doll goodies, fabulous meal events and beautiful limited edition dolls created by your favorite artists & manufacturers just for our members.  Our convention Helper Room offers hundreds of donated dolls—many one-of-a-kind.  Proceeds help keep our club self-supporting.  We are also active in community service and each year sponsor a Fashion Doll Runway® design competition.  Inspired by our convention theme, doll couture artists are invited to design for a muse doll that has been donated by one of our generous manufacturers.  The entries are gathered at a convention where they are auctioned to benefit a deserving charity in the local community.
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